Making Moving Fun

Are You Temporarily Moving In With Your Partner's Parents To Get Back On Your Feet? 4 Benefits Of Using Self Storage

by Ethel Lee

The past year has been full of strife for many families. Between businesses shutting down and others having to lay off workers to stay afloat, many people are struggling financially. It is also common for people to encounter financial challenges during different life stages. All it takes is a sudden health event or unexpected house expense to leave you on shaky ground. While it is nice to know that you have your partner's family to lend a helping hand, you might also be apprehensive about living with someone else. While you make those moving plans, keep these four benefits of renting a unit in a self-storage facility in mind.

Prevent Family Discord From the Beginning

Times may already be tense, and the last thing you need is to be arguing about things such as whether or not you can keep your couch. If your partner's family's house is already on the small side, you might also be worried about making them feel like you are invading their territory. Having a plan in place for the items that you want to keep means that you don't have to second guess or argue about your decisions. 

Avoid Having to Refurnish Your Future Household

Right now, you might be concerned about saving every penny. Although a self-storage facility might be an extra expense, the rental can save you money in the long run. Most likely, you have invested in furniture, cookware, and other household essentials during the time that you've lived on your own. Trying to replenish all of these things at once can delay your moving back out on your own. After you've pared down to the important things, you can get a storage unit that holds big-ticket items, such as your home appliances, until you are ready to use them again.

Protect Precious Heirlooms and Valuables

Do your partner's parents have a pet that could destroy your favorite belongings? Or, do you just worry about things getting shuffled up together and lost? With self-storage, you retain control over who accesses the unit. Being able to know that your cherished heirlooms are safely locked in a different location can give you a sense of relief during a stressful time.

Retain a Sense of Independence

You might also be struggling with the idea that your house is no longer your own. A self-storage unit is a place that is yours to do with as you please. You can organize the set up however best fits your needs, and you'll have a place to store things that you purchase for your future home. Having some control over how you store your belongings makes it easier to transition to your partner's family's home.

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