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Tips For Storing A Fridge

by Ethel Lee

A refrigerator is one of those things that look tough because people let them run all year around. However, careless storage of a fridge can easily show how fragile the appliance is. Since you don't want to execute such an experiment, use the following tips to ensure your fridge isn't damaged in long-term storage:

Empty the Fridge

Storing a fridge with things inside it is a recipe for disaster. Don't forget that the fridge won't be plugged in during storage, which means air won't be circulating inside it. Leaving items in the fridge will just worsen matters by blocking airflow even further. Proper air circulation is needed to keep the fridge dry and mold free.

Clean and Dry the Fridge

Just like many other items, a fridge needs to be cleaned and dried before storage. This will prevent mold from growing inside the fridge, prevent the fridge from smelling during retrieval, and prevent the metallic parts from rusting. Therefore, clean the fridge with soap and water, wipe it down, and air it so that it dries thoroughly.

Store It with the Doors Open

You should transport the fridge with closed doors to prevent damage, but you need to open up the doors once the fridge is in its storage place. You can remove the doors or use a prop to ensure they will stay open for the entire storage period. Removing the doors makes a good option if you are keeping the fridge somewhere kids may play with it; you don't want kids to trap themselves in the fridge.

Keep It Upright

The best position to store the fridge is upright. The internal mechanisms of the fridge were designed to be kept in an upright position, and placing the fridge on its side, even for brief storage, may damage it. For example, storing the fridge on its side can cause the high-pressure gas used for cooling the fridge to flow from the compressor to the condenser, and some of the fluid may not flow back to its normal position when the fridge is returned to its normal position. This can eventually cause compressor failure because it will be running with inadequate coolant. This is also why you need adequate helpers or moving systems to ensure the fridge is handled properly.

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