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How To Choose A Good Lock For Your Self-Storage Unit

by Ethel Lee

When you store goods in a self-storage facility, don't leave the safety and security of your items entirely in the hands of the storage facility; you also have a part to play. For example, many facilities require you to provide a lock for your storage unit. Use these tips to choose the best lock for your prized items:

Avoid Easy-to-Cut Locks

One of the most common ways of breaking into a locked place is to cut the lock. It is easier to cut a lock with a long bar that provides the thief with a convenient place to cut. This is also the same reason chain locks are easy to breach; the long chains are thin and easy to cut. In short, examine the prospective locks carefully and avoid those that seem easy to cut. The disc lock, for example, is considered secure because its hasp (the U-shaped part of the lock) is extremely difficult to reach to cut the lock.

Make Sure the Lock Is Weather Proof

If your storage unit's door is exposed to outside weather, then you also need to consider the damage different weather elements can have on the lock. There are locks that can be damaged by rainfall, freezing temperatures, and heat from direct sunlight, among other weather elements. Therefore, choose weather resistant padlock if you are going to use it outdoor.

Make Sure the Lock Will Fit

Another thing to consider is the fit of the lock; you need to make sure it will fit your storage unit door. For example, there may be a slot where the padlock needs to fit or where the arms of the lock need to pass through. Therefore, it's advisable to see the unit first before buying the lock.

Choose a Combo Lock If You're Forgetful

Combination locks, popularly known as combo locks, don't have keys for opening or closing them. Instead, they have keypads where you enter the combination code to unlock them. Combo locks aren't necessarily more secure than other types of locks, but they are convenient for forgetful persons. You don't have to worry about arriving at the storage facility only to learn that you forget your keys at home.

A good lock will go a long way in securing your self-storage unit, but it isn't enough. Most of the security measures, such as security cameras, guards, and alarm systems, are in the hands of the facility's management. Therefore, you still need to be careful and choose a secure self-storage units facility even if you have the best lock in the world.