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How Self-Storage Can You Help During Construction

by Ethel Lee

If you are in charge of a construction site, look for a suitable storage facility and book a unit as soon as possible. The storage unit will save you considerable resources by the time the construction is over. Here are four ways why this may happen:

Save Manpower for Hauling Stuff Back and Forth

Without a dedicated storage place nearby, you will have to haul your materials back and forth from your usual base, which you will likely be using as your storage place. Construction workers are usually paid by the hour. This means you the amount of money you will spend on bringing things from the site and taking them back for storage depends on the distance between the storage place and your work site. This may not be an issue if your usual base is nearby, but you won't always get such convenient jobs.

You Can Leave Your Items Unattended In Storage

Leaving valuable equipment and storage unattended at a construction site is an invitation for thieves, vandals, and even mischievous neighborhood kids. Many construction sites don't have the security and infrastructure to prevent theft and damage of such equipment. Take them to a secure storage place where security won't be an issue.

Sensitive Equipment and Materials Will Be Protected From Weather

It's not just thieves and vandals that can attack your items if they are carelessly left outdoors. The different weather elements, such as rainfall and high temperatures, may also mete out some damage. Such sensitive items are better off getting stored in self-storage units. The most delicate ones may even need climate controlled units.

It Reduces Your Exposure to Injury Liability

A typical storage site contains many things that fall under the category of attractive nuisances. These are dangerous things that kids find attractive. Unfortunately, you will be held liable for the damages that may ensue if kids attracted to your building site end up injured by attractive nuisances. Again, that is something you don't have to worry about in a self-storage facility.

It Allows You to Buy In Bulk

Lastly, the convenience of a self-storage facility gives you the opportunity to buy things, such as construction materials, in bulk. This is because you don't have to worry about their theft, damage or the risk of them causing injuries to other people. That way you will enjoy the discounts merchants usually attach to bulk purchases and save on transportation too.

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