Making Moving Fun

Tips For Saving On Your Cross-Country Move

by Ethel Lee

No matter how far you're going, moving is always a complex process. In addition, it can be a costly one. No matter what your budget for your upcoming move, there are ways that you can get what you need without incurring needless expenses. Here are a few tips that you can use to help you save money and still get where you need to be.

Don't Buy Boxes

Although you'll often find that moving companies include the cost of boxes when you pay for them to pack and load your stuff for you, you can save significant amounts of money by skipping the box purchase. Instead of paying for new boxes, look to some of your local sources to get some free boxes. You can check with local community sources like stores and other businesses for free boxes, or turn to some of the online classifieds for listings.

As you're looking at your options for boxes, be selective. Don't take just any boxes because you need to be sure that they are strong, in good condition, and will hold up to what you plan to pack. Any boxes that are torn, weakened, or otherwise worn out are likely to put your belongings at risk of being crushed or broken. Make sure the flaps on the boxes close completely so you don't have to use more tape than necessary to put them back together.

Don't Move Unnecessary Stuff

Whether you're renting a truck on your own or you're paying a moving company, the amount of stuff you move will affect your costs. With a rental truck, the size of the truck you'll need is affected. Larger trucks cost more. With a moving company, you often pay based on the weight of the load, so the more you move, the more it will cost you.

Take time to go through everything you own before the move. Look at it all objectively and determine what you actually need and want to bring with you. Donate or sell anything that you won't use in the new house or anything that you've outgrown. You can even place things by the curb with a "Free" sign and be pretty well assured that they'll be gone quickly.

If you're concerned about how much something could cost you to move, talk with your moving company ahead of time for an estimate on just that portion. That way, you can determine if it's worth the investment to take it with you or not.

Consider The Most Cost-Effective Way To Move

If you're moving long-distance, you should consider the most reasonable way to pay for the process. You might find that it's more affordable for you to hire movers to transport your belongings instead of renting a truck. That way, you can either drive your personal car to the new house, or you can fly in.

Remember that you'll have to factor in meals, fuel, and other assorted expenses if you decide to drive. Compared to the cost of a flight and transportation from the airport, it may be more affordable to book airline tickets. Being flexible about your travel method will help you to save money on the overall cost of your move.

While moving is always going to lead to added expenses, it doesn't have to completely break the bank. With tips like these and the help of a local moving company, you can make this move more affordable and easier to manage. Cutting costs in the more flexible areas will allow you to spend the money needed on the more important parts of your relocation. Talk with a professional moving service about other ways to reduce your costs.